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The Automatic Instant Rice Noodle & Vermicelli Production LineNRS4
Daily output 70g / pcs:40,000 pcs
Compressed air m3 /min:0.6
Steam Kg/h:330
Water Ton/day:2/6
Power Kw:86

Processing Procedure

Flour insert --- Mixing --- Ripening --- Lifting --- Feeding --- First extrusion --- Second extrusion --- Vermicelli forming --- Rationing cutting --- Combing ---Adjusting ---Distributing--- Aging --- Steaming --- Drying --- Cooling ---Inspecting --- Packaging --- Production conveyor




1.   The whole production line is highly controlled automatically from flour feeding to the final products, less manual operation. The operators only need to observe, monitor and adjust the equipments, which saves a lot of labors and reduces the product cost.

2.   No need to manually loose noodles and weigh each paste since the vermicelli is tidy after extrusion, and the weight of each vermicelli block is stableas the whole processing is controlled and adjusted in advance.

3.  The aging tunnel is adopted multiply-level cycling belt. To promote improve the aging effect, shorten the time, and save the energy, the heaters and humidifiers are reasoning installed among the aging tunnel..

4.   he PLC is applied for the rationing cutting machine, the operator only need to adjust the encode and reset the new data according to the client’s demands, the frequency convertor will automatically adjust the speed of reticular belt to control the weight and insurance the quality of the products.

5.   Not only wet-milling rice flour but also dry-milling flour can be used, there is no different effect for the final products. 

6.   Different model and scale equipments meet the different clients.

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