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7tons/day Fully automatic Spaghetti production line
Daily output:7 Ton/15 Ton
Dimension(LxWxH)m:42x6x6 /45x6x6
Compressed air:1 m3 /min 1.6 m3 /min
Steam:400 Kg/h 800 Kg/h
Water:4/12 Ton/day 7/20 Ton/day
Power:128 Kw/200 Kw


7tons/day Fully automatic Spaghetti production line





1.Innovate the tradition processing method by extrusions, pasta with excellent cooking performance;
2.Great flexibility in the changeover of product shape;
3.Stable running and fully automatic controlled;
4.Shorter the traditionaldrying and processing time,low down the product cost; 
5.Adopt the update
energy saving technique;
6.Easy clean and maintenance.

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